Gravel NY 400x400

Gravel Cologne New York 1957

A brand that has rolled through the decades, looking back on a vivid past and standing on the precipice of a brilliant future. Since its creation in New York in 1957, Gravel Cologne has seen the trends come and go, but has always remained true to itself:​
Strong, elegant, unaltered. Scents which defy time, like the gravel in each bottle. ​
Gravel fragrances are the essence of a long and eventful life. Unique and charismatic like their creator Michael B. Knudsen (born 1911), who travelled from Europe Across the Ocean to the USA, pursuing the American Dream by creating Americas first men’s perfume: A Man’s Cologne. ​

Since Michael Knudsen sold his very first bottle in New York 46th Street and Madison Avenue, he spent decades in the American metropolis creating perfume concepts that are unrivalled until this day. Every scent gets that special something by adding stones from the Hudson River, selected and put in each bottle by hand until this day.



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