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LUZ has been a pioneer in the perfume industry of Japan since its foundation in 1999, producing countless original perfumes.
One representation would be the brand “J-Scent,” the most renowned Japan made fragrance today. Since its launch in 2017, this brand gained popularity due to its uniqueness, amassing more than 120,000 Likes on social media. J-Scent’s collection, consisting of 21 selections, is unique with each representing “a hint of Japan.” The selection includes the scent of tasty “Roasted Green Tea” and “Sumo Wrestler,” which represents the scent of bintsuke (hair oil) used by dignified sumo wrestlers.“Black Leather,” reproduces the scent of smokey aged leather, whilst evoking a sense of melancholy. This “Black Leather” was awarded “Best New Niche Fragrance” at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019. This Japan born fragrance is now expanding globally.Please enjoy these extraordinary scents that stimulates your senses and imagination, capturing the beauty of Japan in a bottle.



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