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OpaleRosa by Omnia Profumi

OPALEROSA, seductive and sensual fragrance, notes smell of Black Rose Baccaraand precious Oud, mixed with notes of bergamot, violet and patchouli, become an explosion of femininity, but on men’s skin turns into a different and deep sensuality that it can be defined: genderless. OPALEROSA is magically linked to the Fabrizio Tagliacarne’s journey to Oman. A journey organized to live the “Spring Festival” when in Oman you can see an wonderful show. In Jabal Akhdar, one of the peaks of the Hajar, the Roses born and in spring, when the roses bloom, the perfume spread all around. This smell of rose, mixed with the oud wood become a magic in: OPALEROSA.
A journey through the ancient arts of perfumers, which have been handed down for generations that it has
inspired this wonderful fragrance.



Italy - Pavia