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Our stile: cross-fertilised

THoO is the new collection from The House of Oud, constituting its artistic exploration. THoO is setting out on its journey through the contemporary world, cross-fertilising between art, music, styles, fragrances, painting, beauty, patisserie, nature and life, following the map of creative freedom.

THoO interprets the beauty of discovering a different outlook every day, of living at the crossroads, of listening to and choosing our inner selves, even before we decide
which of those roads to pursue.  Being a real part of the universe of niche perfumery, THoO likes to introduce a new point of view, a different vision of the use of ingredients. These fragrances from THoO speak to us about material, the present, unexpected bouquets, eclectic olfactory pyramid and accords with hitherto unexplored raw materials. As it blends with today’s contemporary, it casts a light on creative contagion, its new direction.



Italy - Milan