The Contest – The Art of Scent

Esxence's official fragrance has found the perfect bottle!

The creative process is now fulfilled: Etoilegance,that is The Scent of Esxence, the official fragrance of the Artistic Perfumery's Event, will be contained inside the bottle proposed by the young designer Radis Nikzad, from Iran, who presented a personalization project that reflects the concepts of Elegance and Solidity.

The refinement and the uniqueness of the international appointment with Niche Perfumery, together with the guarantee of an exhibiting parterre that can count on a high technical quality and accomplished historical tradition, are expressed in the application of the name of the fragrance in silver plastic cut with laser on 5 faces of the cube of the bottle, in dark glass.

Awarded by Alex Lee, creator of the fragrance and winner of the contest of last year, Radis Nikzad has commented:

"I'm honoured that my proposal has been selected by such 2 juries of experts, critics of the sector and designers, but also by the visitors of Esxence. I hope the realization bottle will satisfy the expectations of who supported me and give my contribute to such an important initiative for the international scene of Artistic Perfumery."

A precious reward also for Felipe Iglesias, who received - in live streaming from Chile - the Design Award from the jewel designer Massimo Izzo, attending on behalf of the corresponding Jury, whose project has been also recommended by Pierre Dinand, member of the same Committee.

Silvia Festa won the Critics Award, while Giulia Chiti's project was the favourite of our web community, who voted through our Facebook fanpage.

The whole Esxence's team would like to congratulate with all the young designers and thanks all the members of the Juries!

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The presence of a master designer such as Pierre Dinand at the last edition is a statement of a matter of fact: the success of a fragrance is often bound in an inseparable way to its aesthetic presentation, that is the bottle that contains it. It must be a reflection of the perfume, be coherent with reference to the emotions it evokes and surprise us for its pleasantness.

Natural evolution of the mission that we started with the contest of the last year, which lead to the identification of the official fragrance The Scent of Esxence, that is Etoilegance by Alexander Lee, is the research of a perfume bottle which should be able to continue the olfactory tale that the young winning maître parfumeur has begun.

A lucky coincidence that with the 2014 edition, the location that hosted our protagonists of the Artistic Perfumery event is indeed one of the most important international institutions within the artistic field: the Triennale di Milano, that for more that 50 years has promoted contemporary design, art and architecture.

This year Esxence’s will is to promote, through the Contest The Art of Scent, the young designer that has customized with creativity and the most original materials the bottles we selected, looking for the perfect harmony between content and container.

  • Radis Nikzad

  • Silvia Festa

  • Felipe Iglesias

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