Esxence 2019 is INSPIRATION FLOW

INSPIRATION FLOW is the concept chosen for the next edition of Esxence – The Scent of Excellence, with the aim of capturing the act of deeply inhaling the smell of an essence, while at the same time being totally surrounded and pervaded by the perfume, the sole and unquestioned star of the show.

Inspiration is the origin that gives birth to every creation: it can be found in people, in things, in sounds, in flowers. It is a creative flame that shoots through the body, a breath of wind that makes the air electric and sparkling, like a perfume that wafts suddenly into your consciousness as you walk along the street. Then there’s Inhaling: a spontaneous gesture, natural and instinctive when you think of a perfume.

Inspiring” and “Inhaling” share the same Latin etymological root in Italian, Inspirāre, to blow inside. The two words have profound bonds in many other languages, where they twist and intertwine reciprocally, conveying messages about physical and symbolic meanings.

In addition to being a state of mind in which an individual is fully immersed in an activity, the Flow is also the flow of ideas, concepts, emotions and sensations.

INSPIRATION FLOW is the impetuous impulse that enables the body and mind to devise and achieve something new: it is the moment when thoughts are crystal clear and flow unimpeded in the right direction. And it is at that very moment that you discover pleasure in what you are doing.

Esxence has chosen this theme as a way of making a declaration about its own essence. It is here that all sorts of different manifestations of creative excellence come together: hundreds of people driven by the same passion mix and match, all completely absorbed by their activities, concentrated on the present and at the same time projected towards a sense of shared growth in future.

Esxence is a place where artistic perfumery revives and shares its energy and its inspirations.