Esxence Through The Mirror.

Through a symbolic mirror, we enter into the world of Esxence.

A mirror that reflects the successes of 2019 and sheds light on the future, showing the path to 2020. What Esxence is and what it wants to become.


A transition stage, a vibrant exchange of energies that live also in the new colors. The warm tones of Coral, the key color of 2019, meet with the magic calm of Classic Blue, the nuance of the year that is about to begin.


Coral’s intense and joyful light, coming from the natural environment, embraces us offering comfort and shelter and driving us into the mystical and intimate world of blue…


 “The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural.”

 (Wassily Kandinsky)


The chromatic trends generate through art, media, social and cultural changes and technological transformations.


2020 marks a new era not only for Esxence but also for the world.


We are projected into the flow of technological innovation, accustomed to speed and connected by endless networks that are difficult to imagine. We look for a concrete link to history, roots, human, and Earth. Future and present. Dreamers and creators.

We will discover how the perfume will interpret this new era.


( Photo: “Vibration de lumière” by Bang, Hai Ja )