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Ceci n’est pas un flacon bleu 1.6 /  This is not a blue bottle 1.6

Continuing our series of fragrant big bangs, 1./6 paints the picture of leger and joyous loves.

Green souls fall in love in the shade of Citrus trees. Your laughter exhales a song of Yuzu zests and my kisses flutter, white, like petals of Neroli – as they rest on your Grapefruit lips. Red. The pulp of my fingers run along your Jasmine neck, I drink the blue seas of your eyes and the smell of your smiles. There is a heat, a whiff of Vanilla, of two bodies entwined in a shape of White Musks. Hypnotic Lotus and dilated pupils, there comes from my fingers like a moan of Geranium, a desire to taste you like a sip of Orange juice. Green. I waft towards you on the wings of your skin-of-clouds. Words do not lie. There is no end to me.

this is not a blue bottle.
this is the perfume of love.



France - Paris