Esxence. Planning the future

Esxence has just celebrated 10 years (with + 10% attendance compared to the previous year) and thoughts are already turned towards the future.

Born from the need of the artistic perfumery market, to meet, to show itself to the world and grow, now Esxence must be able to evolve and answer the questions that will come.

To draw the map that guides towards the future destination, let’s start from the present, from the most important strength of Esxence: “Esxence is really about people”.

International Community. “Perfume is an expression of people and people of this community are the perfume community”. 220 exhibitors, coming from 5 continents. 64% of exhibitors come from non-Italian markets: in the nature of Esxence there is something similar to the art market, in this international network that feels the need and importance of having a place to join: “if you’re not at Esxence you’re not part of this community “.

The opportunity to meet, talk about their business and discuss the evolution of the market, listening to the workshops and contributing to them, creates the generative force to keep the sector alive and bring new inspirations to work.

“The international people feel at home when come here”. Esxence is the home of niche perfumery: it’s a place to do business, and work with joy. Esxence’s days are days to plan the future and to celebrate the present.

“Esxence is incontournable”, for the niche perfumery community and is this community that makes it happen. “We are the players, we are the actors, and the future is in our hands”



All the quotes are taken from one of the panel held during Esxence 2018.

To listen to the panel click here: