Strategy or empathy? Esxence, an observatory to understand the artistic perfumery

Esxence is a moment to stop and reflect on our time, it is a niche perfumery observatory that helps the entire industry to review its way of doing art and business.
During the lecture of Mariateresa Z.Marsi who is a psychologist and
psychotherapist, we reasoned on what it means, in this particular historical
and social moment, to communicate for the artistic perfumery.
We are facing changes that affect the world, markets, technology and people; those involved in communication and branding cannot ignore them. The economy, the society, our future and our consumption habits won’t be anymore similar to the past. People are starting feeling uncomfortable towards an obsessive and repetitive way of proposing products.
In a fluid market like the one of niche fragrances, brands have to stop
recognizing people as consumer or customer, they need to consider people in their entirety by establishing a relationship with them. Recounting the brand in a self-referential way is not anymore enough, it is necessary to communicate one’s identity in an authentic way.
But what does authenticity mean?

Listening: empathically listening to people who are interested in your fragrances. Understanding the perception of the brand and of the latest creations and the opinion that people have of the online or in-store purchasing context. Using social and digital channels can certainly be useful for the listening process.
Honesty and transparency: the consistency between the brand values and the brand activities, determine the honesty of the brand. For example, it is important to show the brand’s social commitment activities. Transparency also means making yourself comprehensible (concept, storytelling) using culture and intelligence together.
Responsibility: communicate who you are. In this socio-economic moment, it is important to be a spokesperson for values, not for appearing attractive but for expressing your own vision.
Gratitude: the customer’s gratitude is a spontaneous response: he recognizes himself in what the brand proposes. He loves the fragrance but also the vision of the world that the brand represents. He buys the products not only for pleasure but also for affection.
More and more fragrances try to interpret emotions and being authentic means expressing what we really feel. Getting in touch with our emotional part is essential in particular at this time where the external situation is confusing.

In short, now more than ever “beauty is the glory of the truth“.

At this link you can listen to the lecture of Mariateresa Z.Marsi

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