Whispers about Artistic Perfumery: the online audiences perception.

How niche perfumery online has evolved and what is the level of awareness in online  audiences?

Following the 10th edition of Esxence, one of its founders, Silvio Levi set up an international working group, Essencional.

Essencional objective is to analyze what will really serve the Artistic Perfumery sector, to grow and maintain its unique identity and promote its responsibility for encouraging Research & Development to continue its essential role in making creative and innovative contributions to this sector.

The mission of this project is to listen, understand, identify problems, propose solutions and provide services that allow Artistic Perfumery to maintain and nurture a characteristic profile that represents its uniqueness and dedication to research.

Essencional is an expertise hub bringing together opinion leaders, scientific and business partners aimed at increasing a deep and rigorous knowledge of the sector and its dynamics, promoting its values ​​and supporting its development.

Essencional was launched its activities during the 11th edition of Esxence, presenting the Panel “Whispers about Artistic Perfumery”,the preliminary results of the survey – realized in collaboration with Develon Group on the perception of artistic perfumery through web listening and within the Esxence Community.

What is the level of awareness among consumers of niche perfumery?
Is there a clear distinction between niche and conventional?

Who are the most active persons online talking about niche perfumery?

Is it possible to frame online purchasers behavior and attitudes in some sort of cluster?


These are just some of the questions behind the research. An in depth analysis based on online conversations monitoring and search engine trends unveils how Artistic Perfumery is perceived by the web.


Discover the panel and the survey results on Esxence TV!