ESXENCE meets t-crew

T-crew was born in 2016 after an educational training at the Brera Fine Art academy which allowed three young design students sharing the same passion for the arts, fashion and beauty to collaborate both on academic and working field.
After several work experiences, Dr. Maurizio Cavezzali has commissioned the team to define the brand identity of the luxurious fair of the international artistic perfumery: Esxence, the Scent of Excellence..
The main task for the team, has been to give new appearance to the company logo, taking in account the importance of its city of origin since 2009: MILANO
The crew:
He was born 1989 in Naples. Passionate since his young age to the diverse variety of artistic practices, decided to begin his formative training at the Fine Art Academy in Naples where he graduated in Fashion Design. In 2015 he moved to Milan to ensue his academic path and graduating with the highest grade.
This is where he fed his greatest passion: Art directing and drawing.
She was born 1992 in Naples, attends her studies at the Fine Art Academy in Naples where she graduates in Fashion Design; always in love with her home town, decides to move reluctantly to Milan holding to her roots. There she enrolls at the Fine Art Academy in Brera to finalize her studies and master graduates. Always interested in marketing and communication she combined the two with fashion.
She was born 1993 in Como, after graduating in Product design at the Fine Art Academy of Brera, she decides to pursue her studies at the same Univeristy, Master graduating in Fashion Design. She inherited her love for fashion and abstract arts since a young age by her father who worked as artist and textile worker. That is the reason of her academic path which allowed her to become passionate especially about editorial graphics.