Esxence. Smell out a need

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Alan Kay (computer scientist best known for his work on object-oriented programming and windowing graphical user interface design)

What does artistic perfumery need?
What must Esxence do to invent the future?

Art. Freedom. Creativity. Promote perfume as an art. And as an artistic event Esxence has to remain free, study the market to bring new creativity into it. Esxence gives the opportunity to talents to emerge and to brands to tell their story.
Esxence speaks to the art world and must do it more and more, to create connections with music, paintings, writings, photos, sculptures… storytelling of perfumery should use synesthetic and open languages.

Simplicity. One of the challenges of Esxence. Talk to people with simple words. Talking about emotions not just about raw materials. Telling how easy it is to understand the scent. Millions of roses do not smell if our flowers do not bloom…

Energy and Vision. Esxence has generated many events that involve the entire city of Milan. This vital and energetic community has to be
nurtured. Each country should support its own events, because they are the nourishment that gives life to new germ, that are essential in order to grow at Esxence.

During the last edition of Esxence we talked about the future, discover the panel here: