The excellence of the world’s Artistic Perfumery in Milan

November 2016 – With the ninth edition of Esxence The Scent of Excellence, the Artistic Perfumery event comes back to Milan once again, from 23 to 26 March 2017, to keep us all spellbound with stories, excitement, new ideas and people from the wonderful world of perfume. This enchanted universe is represented to perfection by the new theme chosen for this edition’s evocative event design: the Garden of Eden, where a shower of budding flowers and ethereal colours will welcome visitors to this corner of earthly paradise in the heart of Milan’s urban skyline.

The very epitome of a pleasant location, the Garden of Eden expresses the pure dimension of creativity and imagination that has what it takes to reawaken our sense: only here can they perceive the most harmonious and refined of fragrances. Artistic Perfumery is the key that opens the door to this perfect world and Esxence is the event that comes back year after year to enable professionals and aficionados to pass through the door.

In the Garden of Eden, the perfect ideal takes on the connotations of a dream whose outlines are not sharply defined, while its colours are tenuous, yet at the same time bright and luminous: this is where everything starts and this is where we would all like to return every evening, as a place of refuge. Here our thoughts take to the wing and our creative forces set off harmonic vibrations in every receptive organ. Waking up and coming back to reality can be brutal, but our nostrils and our spirit retain something that reminds us that perfection can be achieved in our everyday lives and shared: that something is the unique, refined product of artistic perfumery. When we compose it, savour it and put it on, we agree to live on the frontier of our terrestrial space-time, in a luxurious journey between who we are and who we would like to be.

The international parent perfumery houses, both long-established and up-and-coming, that show in the exhibition area are subjected to a strict selection to ensure their ability to offer visitors an excellent array of interest in terms of new business and newly-discovered perfumes, confirming Esxence’s status as the capital of Artistic Perfumery – and more besides. More because, for the third year running, the event is flanked by Esxkin – The Excellence of Beauty, the space devoted to niche cosmetics, where the industry’s most innovative ventures stand out for the quality of their raw materials and the efficiency of their exclusive formulations.

Meetings, workshops, round tables, cultural and economic studies and special events featuring some of the most authoritative and renowned names on the international perfumery scene will complete the event’s packed agenda.