The success of a great intuition, the celebration of ten years of excellence

Esxence is today “the place to be”  for the most important leaders of artistic perfumery worldwide that have chosen it as the fulcrum to promote and spread the authentic olfactive culture, for global meetings and sharing of knowledge. A record recognised more and more by the exhibitors, by international buyers, increasingly present, and from the public of enthusiasts which every year crowds this magic exhibition.

Esxence conveys all of this in a new image with a new logo, especially designed to celebrate the ten years: the heart of the new Milanese skyline where The Mall, “the house” of Esxence, is located, a square where to feel part of the exclusive world of Artistic Perfumery and where to breathe the scent of excellence, and finally a sun – Esxence’s stylised symbol – which shows the beginning of a bright journey towards a future full of new fascinating challenges.